Top Tips When Choosing a GP

A GP will provide primary health care services to your family. Finding a GP that suits your needs can be a daunting task. Read the excerpt below for a few tips on how to choose a GP. 

Reputation and Location

Seek referrals or check internet reviews to identify the reputations of various GPs in your locality. The clinic should be conveniently located. The facility's website and Google My Business listing should give an accurate description of its location. Adequate parking and security are an added advantage. 

Culturally Responsive Practice

Culturally sensitive people would want a doctor that understands their culture. As well as understanding your language, the GP should respect your beliefs. For example, long gaps of silence may be a sign of disagreement in some cultures. On the other hand, strong eye contact may be regarded as a sign of disrespect. Besides, patients may be shy to talk about some health issues such as reproductive health to a GP of the opposite sex. 

Family Needs

What are your family needs? For instance, if you have small kids, the GP should be someone who can treat a wide variety of childhood illnesses and inspire change in your kids. For example, he or she should encourage your kids to practice healthy behaviours such as regular handwashing and teeth brushing. 

If you have a long-term illness, work with a GP who specialises in the management of long-term illnesses. Some professionals will provide specialised services, such as home visits. They are an excellent choice for senior adults or disabled people who cannot make regular visits to the GP.  


Critically review the GPs pricing strategy. If you have insurance coverage, work with a doctor that offers bulk-billing services. He or she should also have professional liability coverage. It ensures you receive compensation in case the doctor misdiagnoses you.

Check the doctor's terms and conditions. For instance, what are the clinic's operating hours? If you have a busy schedule, look for a GP that provides after-hours services. It ensures you can access health services at any time of the day. Check the average waiting time at the clinic. Are you required to book an appointment with the GP? If yes, will you incur a charge if you cancel the booking?  

With the above tips, you should have an easy time choosing a GP. Examine the professional's reputation, the location of the clinic, cultural responsiveness, services provided and pricing, as well as any terms and conditions.

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